Cats For Adoption

  • Moscata


    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 14/01/2012

    I have been waiting a very long time for my home but I’m not THAT difficult. I like to keep you company and having you around. But I am not one of those cats that loves to snuggle on people's laps so don’t take this personally please...

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  • Bronwen


    Female Domestic Short Hair Cat, DOB 21/04/2018

    Please note: Bronwen would love to be rehomed with her sibling Briannah or another friendly cat.
    Bronwen is calm and placid creature with a sweet nature. She has settled in beautifully with her foster cat siblings and is adjusting to the company of her carers...

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  • Briannah


    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 21/04/2018

    Please note: Briannah would love to be rehomed with her sibling Bronwen or another friendly cat.
    Briannah has oodles of love to give. When her foster carer sits down she head bumps her affectionately and snuggles closely under her chin. If you stop patting her she will nibble your finger ...

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  • Hermione


    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 28/11/2018

    Please note: Hermione will be rehomed with her mum Hyacinth.
    Hermione is a delightful young cat who is curious and playful. She is super affectionate and loves chin tickles and pats and is happy to be picked up and cuddled for short periods of time...

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  • Hyacinth


    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 21/08/2017

    Please note: Hyacinth will be rehomed with Hermione.
    Hyacinth is a beautiful, affectionate, sweet natured girl. She just adores pats, scratches under the chin and seeks human affection wherever she possibly can get it...

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  • Sadie Jezeroon

    Sadie Jezeroon

    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 13/11/18

    Sadie is a lovely, young cat. She is only small and ever so dainty. She is quiet and demure and sometimes, appears a little aloof, but do not be fooled...

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  • Octavia


    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 2/4/19

    Looking to save money on surveillance costs? The inquisitive Octavia doesn’t miss much from the viewpoint of her favourite window ledge...

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  • Picasso Earnshaw

    Picasso Earnshaw

    Male Domestic Short Hair, DOB 6/12/2018

    Please note, Picasso will only be rehomed to a home with another cat. Picasso is the sweetest, snuggliest lap cat you will find – anywhere! And, he is always up for a good chat. You can have a full conversation with Picasso and he loves to talk back...

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  • Penelope Earnshaw

    Penelope Earnshaw

    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 17/03/2018

    Penelope has been the most wonderful mother of four adorable kittens. She is loving, kind and very trusting. She attended to her babies, cleaning and feeding them and teaching them everything they needed to know to become big cats...

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  • Phyllida


    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 25/2/20


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  • Quinton


    Male Domestic Short Hair, DOB 6/3/20

    No further applications now please....

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  • Quelita


    Female Domestic Short, DOB 1/11/19

    Quelita is a gorgeous girl new into our care. Further information is coming soon...

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  • Patrick


    Male Domestic Short Hair , DOB 1/5/15

    Meet Patrick. A more smoochy and loving boy you won't find anywhere...

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  • Sullivan


    Male Domestic Short Hair, DOB 22/5/19

    Sullivan is such a sweetheart! He is so super snuggly and just wants to be with you all the time. He rubs his face against yours...

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Check out our gallery with rescue cats of all sizes and backgrounds. They all have two things in common: each was abandoned in one way or other, and each of them is longing for a forever home, a home where they are loved, feel safe and yes -  are spoiled. Can you give that to one of these gorgeous guys?

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.